Social Organizations

Men’s Club

The Men’s Club provides a social gathering open to all men in the parish. The group promotes social interaction, harmony, and Christian fellowship.

The Men’s Club meets on the second Monday of each month a 7:00 PM for an evening meal and business meeting.

Parish Picnic

The Parish Picnic is held annually in June. The event is primarily a fund raising project for St. Mary St. Augustine School, but it also provides a wonderful opportunity for social interaction, homecoming, and entertainment.


Our Quilting group is a subgroup of the Ladies Sodality, serving both a service and social role. The Quilters craft many beautiful quilts each year that are used as prizes in fund raiser activities.

The Quilters meet each Tuesday and Thursday during the day and in the evening. The day time group meets from 8:30 AM to 12:00 PM.

Mary’s Gardening Angels

Our Gardening Angels organize the effort to plant flowers and greenery around the parish each year.

See the Parish bulletin and the Bulletin Board page on this site for activities and meeting times of the Mary’s Gardening Angels.